The Roundhouse has many uses, other than those previously mentioned. There are Roundhouses in use today for sheep and deer on commercial farms and designs are available for horses, alpaca and goats.


Using the Roundhouse on open farms as a visitor attraction is gathering pace as splitting the building into eight pens allows for many different animals under the one roof and the large perimeter fence gives plenty of opportunity for safe viewing by visitors.


By installing a gantry, visitors can view animals without intruding on their space and see them in a more natural environment.


Putting deer in a Roundhouse has shown to calm the animals significantly as they have remained in a “herd” and also meant capturing and handling are much less stressful on stockman and animal alike.


Further building uses are for goats, for both meat and milking. Goats are calm animals and require regular and careful handling but also stimulation and interaction with others. The open and airy nature of the Roundhouse makes it an obvious building for goats.


Using the Roundhouse for lambing has reduced heat stress on ewes at this critical time of year due to the massively increased airflow compared with conventional buildings. Also, using the handling system for sheep has greatly reduced handling times and stress.


Stocking densities vary depending upon the breed, as would feed fence length so we recommend the use of walk-through feeders.


Interest from the equine sector is gathering pace for open straw yards or even 24 stables in a RH30 and a covered yard, or stables and a horse walker.


Designs are available to remove the main kingpin to create lunging areas and the flexibility to fit any systems are available.


For more information on the variations available, please contact our technical department.





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